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Lezione 'Angelo Costa'/ 'Angelo Costa' Lecture

XI Lezione A.Costa
'Crisis and Reform: Managing Systemic Risk'
Ricardo Caballero -- Roma, 23 Marzo 2010

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Market-Based Instruments in CEE
Countries: Much Ado about Nothing


Environment Center - Charles University

This paper overviews the use of environmentally related levies and other economic instruments in air quality and climate change policies in Central and Eastern European EU countries. It is shown that their overall effectiveness and efficiency is quite low and they help to secure revenues for dedicated environmental funds only. We pay a special attention to the implementation of 2003/96/EC Directive in the Czech Republic that presents the unique example of a revenue-neutral environmental tax reform actually introduced. By using a micro-simulation model we assess the distributional effects of this reform and found small effects both on households and environment.
Keywords: market-based instruments; air quality; distributional impacts; ETR; CEEC.

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* -
This research was supported by Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, R&D Grant No. SPII/4i1/52/07 MODEDR "Modelling of Environmental Tax Reform Impacts: The Czech ETR Stage II". The support is gratefully acknowledged. We are also grateful to Andrew Barton and Hana Skopková for their assistance in editing the manuscript. Responsibility for any errors remains with the authors.
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